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E-Democracy.org Strategic Plan 2007-09

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Please note updated plan.

E-Democracy.Org Strategic Plan 2007-09

Also available in PDF format. Sections of the strategic plan are being released on our Project Blog with additional insights. Also of note is our participant survey with 300 responses.

Adopted by the E-Democracy.Org Board 26 July 2007


Mission: E-Democracy.Org is a non-profit, non-partisan, volunteer-based project whose mission is to expand participation and build stronger democracies and communities through the power of information and communication technologies and strategies.

Goal 1 - Engagement: Strengthen, expand, and diversify engagement through effective and meaningful online discussions and information exchange on public issues

Goal 2 - Information and Civic Education: Increase the use and relevance of information resources about elections, governance, the media, and public affairs to help address public challenges

Goal 3 - Best Practices and Tools: Develop and disseminate best practices and tools to promote community conversation and engagement, civic education, and information exchange

Goal 4 - Promote Active Citizenship: Empower participants with online skills and experiences to have an impact on their communities and governments

Goal 5 - Organizational Capacity and Sustainability: Maintain an ethical, stable, and financially strong organization of volunteers and staff that effectively and efficiently responds to growing and changing expectations, opportunities, and responsibilities

The mission and top-level goals for E-Democracy.Org were adopted in prior years. This strategic plans lays out the detailed strategy as adopted on July 26, 2007. It was crafted with extensive consultation including a survey of over 300 of our forum participants and supporters.

To contact the E-Democracy.Org Board, e-mail team@e-democracy.org or visit our website for more information: http://e-democracy.org


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