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Prime Sites for Development in St. Paul & Possible Projects

  • The old bus barn (Snelling & I-94)
    1. Interest parties include: Best Buy, Lowe's, Home Depot
  • Lexington & University
    1. Aldi (a german based retailer) is already under construction on one parcel of this land
  • Housing around Downtown and the River
  • Jacob Schmidt (and Stahlmann) Brewery (W. 7th & Oneida)
    1. Eligible for National Registry and Local Designation; on PAM's "Ten Most Endangered List"; Historic Designation Study completed 7/05
  • Island Station (Mississippi River & Randolph)
    1. things seem to be falling apart at the seams here; a diamond in the rough
  • Gillette site (Lowertown)
  • Commercial Street (Lowertown)
    1. see Lowertown Redevelopment Corporation plan: LRC
  • Summit University
  • Selby Avenue
    1. Anything specific?
  • Jimmy Lee
  • Jeremiah Project
  • Dale/University
    1. Library and Housing
  • Chestnut and Exchange: Two half blocks, one on the West corner and one on the North. One large triangle on the East block. In total, over 6 acres of land dominated by surface parking, with a few light industrial uses. Houses in the area routinely sell for $200-$250 per square foot.
  • 266 W Seventh: Surface parking lot. Approximately 1 acre on West Seventh Street, up to 2.5 acres with adjacent Dairy Queen.

List of Active Downtown & Riverfront Housing Projects

  1. Current & Planned Downtown Projects (Riverfront Corporation)
  2. Living On The River (Riverfront Corporation)
  3. Current & Planned Projects (Pioneer Press - from 2004)

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