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Developing for E-Democracy

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Hello. This page is meant to be an introduction for anybody who is interested in developing code for E-Democracy.org


Our primary online platform, forums.e-democracy.org, is a email list and web forum hybrid. It is actually a slightly customized version of GroupServer, which is an email/forum platform built on Zope 2. Anybody interested in developing on forums.e-democracy.org should check out the GroupServer home page (you'll note in the following section a number of links to GroupServer specific lists/repos/tools).

Developer Tools & Resources


GroupServer Development Reference is a growing category of technical references related to the GroupServer platform. For those who have never code in Zope before, Zope Component Architecture is a good place to learn about one of the foundations of Zope and GroupServer.


Bug Trackers

Lists and IRC

  • groupserver.org/groups/development - development@groupserver.org - The main development list for GroupServer
  • forums.e-democracy.org/groups/projects - projects@forums.e-democracy.org - The main list for discussing E-Democracy projects of any type
  • #gsdevel on irc.freenode.net - Primary IRC room for GroupServer developers. E-Democracy coders hang out there too.

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