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DemocracyMap Knight News Challenge submission


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Knight News Challenge 2010 drafting

We are drafting in this Google Doc.

The questions we are answering ...

  • Project Title: *

10 word(s) remaining

  • Requested amount from Knight News Challenge: *
  • Expected amount of time required to complete project: *
  • Total cost of project including all sources of funding: *
  • Describe your project: *

500 word(s) remaining

  • How will your project improve the delivery of news and information to geographic communities?: *

300 word(s) remaining

  • What unmet need does your proposal answer?: *

300 word(s) remaining

  • How is your idea new?: *

300 word(s) remaining

  • What will you have changed by the end of the project?: *

300 word(s) remaining

  • Why are you the right person or team to complete this project?: *

500 word(s) remaining

  • What terms best describe your project?: *

300 word(s) remaining

  • Have you applied to the Knight News Challenge previously?: *
  • How did you learn about this contest? *

You may attach optional supporting material. The first file you upload will be your cover, so if you are uploading an image, upload it as the first file.

Click here to view valid file types and sizes.

Note: Do not submit a file larger than 20 MB. Larger files will cause your entry not to be submitted.


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