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Defining next generation online civic engagement


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By "next generation" we do not mean "new" ideas for the sake of new.

We are looking for:

  • What really works somewhere but remains rare
    • ... and it should be universal to all local communities in a democracy.
  • Ideas that represent the next level of innovation and opportunity
    • ... and pushes the envelope with new experiments, features, etc. that have a serious potential to qualify as "should be universal" in future years but needs to be fully tested.

Further, we are seeking:

  • System changing ideas and opportunities
    • ... things that can be incorporated into many communities in a distributed fashion."
  • Democratic and community needs that are vital
    • ... not just nice to have. Is this highly subjective? Yes. That is why we need your input and are starting from a bias affirming democracy and community building versus more narrow traditional e-government services, so-called Government 2.0, or journalism approaches.

Finally, this process is:

  • Agnostic - We are interested in ideas/needs that might position any number of leaders in front of universal implementation.
    • ... be it government, non-profits, commercial, individual or some combination."
  • Engagement - This is a broad term going well beyond informing or serving the public. Think ...

** ... transparency - What and Where?

    • ... participation - How and Why?
    • ... collaboration and problem-solving - With whom? And Together.
    • ... community building and public life - Moving local society and making lasting change.'
  • A Flexible Beginning - This is just the start of the Participation 3.0 process.
    • ... seeks to help "move the field" and with a sub-set of the big ideas determine where we should take lead with partners and funders and where other organizations or the "market" might lead with their strengths.

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