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Comparing Issues Forums


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Issues Forums are like blogs in that:

  • An individual, the forum manager, provides leadership.
  • Technically speaking, an Issues Forum is a massive multi-editor blog.
  • Like blogs, our Issues Forums have "web feeds".
  • A good Issues Forum, like a good blog can play a strong political agenda-setting role in a community.
  • You can share links and comment on content from across the web.
  • People who are not register can choose to view it on the web.

Issues Forum are not like most blogs in that:

  • Issues Forums are many-to-many. Blogs tend to be one to many. You really need a blog to have standing in the blogosphere. Issues Forums are more democratically equitable by design.
  • Most people receive the e-mail version making an Issues Forum more broadcast like.
  • Any registered participant may start a new topic or add a comment via e-mail or the web.
  • All comments must be signed with a participants real name.
  • Anyone can start a new topic of conversation.

Issues Forum Administrative Costs or Burdens - Since 1994

  • We've never been sued for liable or had any content requested by a court.
  • We do not pre-screen posts before instant distribution via e-mail/posting on web. Our Forum Managers may moderate new members from a technical perspective to prevent fly-by spammers. And with notification to the individual moderate a rule violating participant. * We do not remove, post-moderate or edit posts. After hundreds of thousands of post over a dozen forums we taken extraordinary and extensively debated Board action to remove two off-topic posts from one thread, edit one subject line involving a false personal attack displaying a top a Google search, and adding a special annotation pointing out a later correction . That's it.

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