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Community Outreach Leaders and Volunteers


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DRAFT - May 16, 2011 - Edits to come

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Contract Job Description - Applications being accepted now through Friday, June 3, 2011. is hiring a number of part-time very focused one to two month contract positions geared specifically to lead special outreach to diverse communities on our Neighbors Issues Forums in St. Paul and Minneapolis over the summer in 2011.

Join an exciting team of contracts and volunteers as part of our ground breaking, internationally acclaimed Inclusive Social Media effort.

We seek resumes or indications of interest from those who can help us lead very grass roots outreach to the:

  • Latino community - Focused on Powderhorn and Phillips in Minneapolis and potentially the West Side in St. Paul
  • Somali and East African communities - Focused on Phillips, Seward, and Cedar Riverside (forum successfully ~half East African today)
  • Native American community - Focused on Phillips (we also be posting a Community Outreach and Information Leader position for Leech Lake as well)
  • Hmong and SE Asian communities across St. Paul with special emphasis on the North End, East Side, and Frogtown
  • African American communities - Minneapolis and St. Paul generally, special work in Summit-U, the East Side and Frogtown in St. Paul

We also have volunteer positions available with a gift card thank you stipends available for those assisting our general tabling outreach at community events, libraries, and festivals. (A single $20 gift card for at least 2 hours of active assistance.) You will be assisting our Outreach Coordinator, Corrine Bruning and our diverse community outreach leaders as well.


  • Recruit diverse communities in-person - community events, festivals, door-to-door in target areas, libraries, parks, computer access centers, ethnic shopping malls, etc.
  • Recruit diverse community leaders and cultural organizations - whether recruiting in-person, via e-mail, or telephone - if you have deep connections to the communities above securing new members is the goal
  • Post (multi-lingual) signs and fliers in cafes and other public locations
  • Promote participation in the forum via locations that provide public Internet access such as the local library and community centers that cater to diverse communities

Skills Desired:

  • Good communication and organizing skills
  • Outgoing personality and a willingness to engage and involve others - in short you are shy about asking people to sign-up on paper forms but will only sign-up people who express some interest
  • Multi-lingual speaking ability in Spanish, Somali, Oromo, Hmong, etc. per your primary diverse community focus
  • Self-directed - As part of the contract process we will ask invited candidates to outline a simple work plan

Duration: One to two months within June, 2011 to the end of September, 2011. As a contractor, you are responsible for your self-employment tax (1099) and any insurance.

Rate: Depending upon experience, the contract rate is up to $15/hour with approximately 100 hours in each contract. There will be a sizable bonus available for those who sign-up at least 100 new members, and again at every 50 new members signed up on our paper sign-up forms. This will be clearly detailed in the contract.

To Apply: Send a short letter to Steven Clift, Executive Director, describing your interest, community activities, and contact information. Attach a resume if available. If you do not receive a confirmation with 48 hours that you applied for this position, please call 612-234-7072 during business hours.


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