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This is a "real-time" working page to support the rapid creation of neighbour to neighbour online forums across Christchurch to promote post-earthquake community recovery and community building.

There is an urgent need for public neighbour to neighbour two-way communication opportunities across Christchurch that complement the many broadcast information Christchurch earthquake response resources available.

Neighbours Forums mix e-mail, the web, Facebook, and Twitter to uniquely reach a critical mass of local people. Multi-channel approaches are far more inclusive and leave fewer people out. hosts neighbourhood-level "Issues Forums" in the UK and Minnesota in the U.S.. Forums at this hyper-local level are currently in the works for 3 areas in Auckland.


If you feel a distinct community that should stand alone (the population should be over 5,000 and ideally at least 10,000) needs a forum and are willing to help start it up, drop us a note:

Know of existing local online spaces that connect Christchurch area neighbors in conversation? Add to the list below. The last thing we want to do is create an new online group that no one joins because they are better served elsewhere.


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