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Christchurch Neigbours Forums - Neigbours.cc - Project Information

In addition to the Canterbury Issues Forum, E-Democracy.org volunteers host over 35 "Issues Forums" at the city and neighbourhood level across three countries - the UK, the US, and New Zealand.

Neighbour Forums are the most local version of our public forums. The largest, with over 500 members each, engage over 15% of households in their area daily. Unlike most Facebook Pages, our multi-channel technology approach breaks through with everyday people by creating a vibrant neighbour-power exchange.

When it comes to effective outreach, we have special experience with inclusion efforts (we support paper sign-up forms for example) focused on lower income, highly diverse populations. We broadly share our 17+ years of non-profit online community building lessons via our blog, guides, and behind the scenes global volunteer support networks.

To volunteer with this effort, join our ChCh-Team online working group.

Our forums are hosted using the open source GroupServer platform from Christchurch-based OnlineGroups.Net.

Opening forums "for" neighbourhoods, even with local regional volunteers, is a break from our normal one forum at a time approach. The urgency involved and opportunity to contribute value in a timely manner is prompting this intensive effort. We don't know which forums will gain traction, but with your help we can create a vital exchange that helps people go beyond consuming the one-way flood of information from official sources. Forums that open (with 50 people or fewer instead of our usual 100) will need to fill the local volunteer forum manager role within one year.


Team e-mail: chch@e-democracy.org or use our contact form.


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