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(Project Information and Links)
(Project Information and Links)
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* [[Christchurch Neighbours project notes]]  
* [[Christchurch Neighbours project notes]]  
* [[Neighbours.cc Partners]]
* [[Neighbours.cc Partners]] - We will be seeking them and giving online credits
* [[Christchurch maps]]
* [[Christchurch maps]]
* [[Christchurch earthquake response resources]]
* [[Christchurch earthquake response resources]]

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christchurchnasa200.jpg Join the Neighbours Forum for your area.

Then invite your friends and neighbours to join you: http://neighbours.cc

'Neighbours Forums connect people online into real world local community life. To assist post-earthquake community recovery, a volunteer-based network of 17 forums covering Christchurch is opening. Details below.

We use real names to build neighbourly trust and promote useful, civil exchange.

Participate via e-mail or the web. Facebook Page and Twitter options will be turned when a forum is opened with 50 founding members.

Select a forum, then click "Join Now" to register:

March 2 Update - Forums ready to join, detailed descriptions being drafted.'

Join the forum that is closest to where you live (rough map). Based on demand we will open more and consolidate others.

Project Information and Links

In addition to the Canterbury Issues Forum, E-Democracy.org volunteers host over 35 "Issues Forums" at the city and neighbourhood level across three countries - the UK, the US, and New Zealand.

Neighbour Forums are the most local version of our public forum most and some attract over 15% of households where they are most established with hundreds of members each. Unlike a most Facebook Pages and web forums, our multi-channel approach to technology breaks through with everyday people to create a vibrant and very popular neighbour-power exchange a very local level.

We have special experience with inclusion efforts (we support paper sign-up forms for example) focused on lower income, highly diverse populations and broadly share our 17+ years of non-profit online community building lessons via our blog and guidebooks.

Our forums are hosted using the open source GroupServer platform from Christchurch-based OnlineGroups.Net.

Opening forums "for" a community, even with local volunteers, is an exception to our normal practices due to the urgency of the matter and opportunity to contribute value in a timely manner. Forums that open (with 50 people) will need a local volunteer to assume the forum manager role within one year.


Team e-mail coming, for now team@e-democracy.org


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