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Charter Worksheet Las Vegas, NM

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The purpose of the Las Vegas, New Mexico Issues Forum is:

    • to provide a safe, open, online space for the discussion of issues that matter in Las Vegas and surrounding communities...

Charter Worksheet From E-Democracy.Or


The Goals of {Your Community} Issues Forum are:

   * (Insert Goal #1)
   * (Insert Goal #2)
   * (Insert Goal #3)
   * (Insert Goal #4)
   * (Add or subtract the number of goals as you see fit) 

[edit] Typical Topics

Topics that you might find here to discuss include:

   * (Insert Typical Topic #1)
   * (Insert Typical Topic #2)
   * (Insert Typical Topic #3)
   * (Insert Typical Topic #4)
   * (Add or subtract the number of Typical Topic as you see fit) 

[edit] Rules

The full text of rules governing E-Democracy.Org forums can be found here: http://e-democracy.org/rules/. However, your groups should pick out a few rules that you would like to highlight on your charter page.

Highlighted Rules:

   * (Insert Highlighted Rule #1)
   * (Insert Highlighted Rule #2)
   * (Insert Highlighted Rule #3)
   * (Add or subtract the number of Typical Topic as you see fit) 

[edit] Who Runs This Forum

Please, use this section to insert a short description of your steering committee, including references to any organizations that are playing a leading role in organizing the forum.

   * (Your description here)

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