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Charter Worksheet
Charter Worksheet

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Charter Worksheet From E-Democracy.Org

Purpose of the Forum

The purpose of the Las Vegas, NM Issues Forum is: to provide on an open online space for the discussion of issues that matter in our community..

Goals The Goals of Las Vegas, NM Issues Forum are:

  • to allow all local concerns a safe place in which to be expressed
  • to increase the voice of citizens in local public policy discussions
  • to connect public officials with local citizens
  • to improve the quality of decision making in our community

Typical Topics:

Topics that you might find here to discuss include:

  • Community issues that matter to you - Economic Development, City budget, natural gas prices, water, preservation of our historic buildings, (We have the most historic buildings in the United States!) Youth facilities and opportunities, animal control issues.
  • Matters being discussed by the local council or local issues that you feel should be addressed by the council or the government.
  • Stories in local newspapers, radio stations or other local media.


Highlighted Rules:

Rules Summary

  1. Sign Posts - Use your real name.
  2. Limits on Posting - Two per member per day in most forum charters.
  3. Keep Topics within Forum Purpose - Local issues on a local forum for example.
  4. Be Civil - This is a public forum with real people. Respect among citizens with differing views is our cornerstone.
  5. No Attacks or Threats - This keeps the forums safe. If content is illegal it will be forwarded to the proper legal authorities.
  6. Private Stays Private - Don't forward private replies without permission.
  7. Avoid False Rumors - Asking for clarification of what you've heard in the community can be appropriate if issues-based. You alone are responsible for what you post.
  8. Right to Post and Reply - Sharing your knowledge and opinions with your fellow citizens is a democratic right.
  9. Items Not Allowed in Forums - No attachments, etc.
  10. Public Content and Use - You are sharing your content, but retain your copyright.
  11. Warnings - You may receive informal or official warnings from the Forum Manager.
  12. Suspension - With your second official warning in one year, you are suspended for two weeks. It goes up from there.
  13. Appeals Process - You can appeal a warning(s) once you receive a third warning and six month removal. About 1 in 1500 forum members each year have appealed a six month removal in past years.

Who Runs This Forum

Please, use this section to insert a short description of your steering committee, including references to any organizations that are playing a leading role in organizing the forum.

  • The Las Vegas, NM Issues Forum is hosted by volunteers on the Las Vegas E-Democracy committee. E-Democracy.Org is a non- profit, non-partisan citizen-based initiative launched in 2008. Our local steering committees select the volunteer Forum Manager(s) who helps facilitate the forum and administer the rules. You may contact local volunteers and the Forum Manager via their local web comment form.

Create your own charter worksheet, using copy and paste, in the same way that you created this page. Please, feel use or edit text from other existing forums.


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