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Headington and Marston

Generic Charter Worksheet

Purpose of the Forum

Complete the following statement: The purpose of the Headington and Marston Issues Forum is:

  • to foster a sense of community by providing an online discussion of issues affecting people of all ages who live, work, and study in this large suburban area


The Goals of the Headington and Marston Issues Forum are:

  • To encourage people to make their voices heard before decisions are made
  • To get people from different sub-groups within Headington and Marston to work together on important issues that affect everyone
  • To publicize local information
  • To inform people about important local planning applications
  • To answer questions on subjects of local interest

Typical Topics

Topics that you might find here to discuss include:

  • Rubbish collection and litter
  • Parking and traffic problems
  • Playgrounds and parks
  • Local bus services
  • Planning issues
  • Library services
  • Local shops and businesses
  • Local policing, crime prevention, Neighbourhood Watch groups
  • Anything currently prominent in the local media


The full text of rules governing E-Democracy.Org forums can be found here: http://e-democracy.org/rules/. However, your groups should pick out a few rules that you would like to highlight on your charter page.

Highlighted Rules:

  • You must type your full real name and your neighbourhood (e.g. "Headington Hill", "Old Marston") at the end of each message you post
  • You are limited to two messages per day
  • Be polite, and use a smiley to indicate if you are joking, e.g. ;-)
  • No commercial advertising is allowed

Who Runs This Forum

Please, use this section to insert a short description of your steering committee, including references to any organizations that are playing a leading role in organizing the forum.

  • The Headington & Marston Issues Forum is run by volunteers who sit on the committee of Headington Action. This is a charity comprising a group of organisations operating in the Headington and Marston area including residents’ associations, employers, businesses, schools, health, local councils, and churches.

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