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Frequently Asked Questions

This is confusing to use, can we make it easier?

Yes and no. We can do a better job at providing instructions and help, even offer a phone number where folks can call for support. We can also offer short training sessions. BUT, we can't do much (at this time) to make the software itself easier to use. Over time, WIKI's will become easier to use, but for now, we can either use this software or wait until it does become easier to use. We should keep in mind, that only a small portion of users need to be able to edit the WIKI, most folks will just use it to retrieve information. The question is, is it easy enough to use that we'll have a large enough base willing to edit it. Based upon feedback I've gotten so far, I've tried to add additional "help" information. As you figure things out, please feel free to add to the "help" section yourself (or add links to the help section, in useful places).

Do you plan to require a user name and log-in?

At this time, we don't. BUT, we might consider it. I don't believe that you have to "log-in" to the wikipedia to make changes. We're still in "experiment" mode. We'll definitely revisit this question over time.

Why the big gray space?

I'm not sure what you mean. Please, elaborate. I mean, when you first go to the home page of this Citizens Guide, there is a gray space into which I wish we could slide the lower stuff. Hey! It moved! -- 11:26, 20 Jul 2005 (PDT)

Should we find an "editor" for each page and list their name on the top of each page?

This is an interesting idea, but would require additional coordination. At this time, I'm inclined to try running this without a designated editor for each page, but with a team of folks who do review all edits. Decisions like this one will be make by the Citizens Guide to St. Paul volunteer team. Please, consider signing up - volunteer

Can we add a section on ________________?

One of the beauties of this document, is that anyone can add a section on anything that falls within the scope of our mission (which probabaly needs to be better defined). The current content is only a small fraction of what could eventually end up in the CGSP (Citizens Guide to St. Paul).

How do you format a link to a web site?

See the Help Section.


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