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Boston roundtable


Revision as of 19:40, 10 February 2009 by Stephenbuckley (Talk | contribs) (Yes, I am interested in participating ...)

Are you interested in a roundtable conversation on "The President and the Net in Governance" in Boston?

We'll brainstorm a list of expectations for how the new Administration (and government in general) should be judged down the road for their use of the Internet to engage and inform the American public in the governing and representative process.

The event will include an update on E-Democracy.Org's local up work with community and neighborhood online Issues Forum presented by Steven Clift.

As we work out a host/sponsors, add your name to a list of those interested in gathering the late afternoon/early evening of Thursday, March 19 in Boston.

Watch this page for time/location updates or to be notified of the final location by e-mail join Steven Clift's Democracies Online Newswire.

Yes, I am interested in participating ...

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  1. Steven Clift, E-Democracy.Org,
  2. Stephen Buckley, U.S.Transparency,
  3. Your Name, Org, http://
  4. Your Name, Org, http://
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