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Boston roundtable

From E-Democracy.org

What: Roundtable Discussion: Social Media and Local Public Life

Links Shared: Social media in local public life

Who: Facilitated by Steven Clift with E-Democracy.Org which hosts a 15 community/neighborhood, 3 country online Issues Forums network started in 1994. If you can't make it or would like some in-depth background online see this recent webinar

When: Thursday, March 19 from 7:00 - 8:00 p.m., followed by optional dinner/drinks out in the area

Hosted by: Harvard's Berkman Center for Internet and Society Thursday Meetings at Berkman Blog

Where: Berkman Conference Room - The Yellow House, 23 Everett Street, Second Floor, Cambridge, MA 02138

Notes: If you would like to introduce a neighborhood placeblog or social networking group, trusty old e-mail list for a block club, twitter hashtag among people who live near one another, etc. let Steve know: clift@e-democracy.org Also, you can follow Steve on Twitter and join his international Democracies Online Newswire and related online communities of practice.

Yes, I am interested in participating - RSVP -not- required ...

Add your name, org, link, etc. below by pressing edit.

  1. Steven Clift, E-Democracy.Org, http://stevenclift.com
  2. Stephen Buckley, U.S.Transparency, http://UStransparency.com
  3. Jeff Gulati, Bentley University, http://www.bentley.edu
  4. Erica George, Berkman Center, http://cyber.law.harvard.edu
  5. Conor White-Sullivan, Localocracy, http://www.localocracy.org
  6. Bill Wendel, Real Estate Cafe, http://realestatecafe.squarespace.com

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