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Blocking e-mail


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Per our rules, does not regulate private communication among participants.

On some of our forums with more partisan or politically charged issues, rather than post publicly within the civility rules, some people will reply privately with a "nasty gram." This is a risk you assume with online participation. We wished people were generally civil and respectful, but some are not.

Our organization and volunteers cannot afford the legal risk associated with any expectation beyond guiding the public forums that we facilitate. We are obviously open to being informed of abusive private behavior such that if may inform our governance of the public dialogue and, per our rules, "if it is determined that a pattern of abusive behavior is having a chilling effect on other's participation in the public forum" someone may be suspended. (This has happened once in our fifteen+ years.)

Another route is to block attempts by specific individuals to contact you privately. To help you set a manual block, here are links to instructions for how to do with the more popular e-mail tools:


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