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Great Block Club Ideas

  1. History Club

Submitted by Kelly, from Merriam Park

We are laid back in planning, here's the date, bring your activity or idea.

  1. discussion of favorite contractors
  2. discussion of who lives in the neighborhood, lev 3 offenders and protection - we actively moved our sitting areas from the backs of houses to the fronts of houses as a result of this discussion
  3. a play written by and produced by 6 -7 year olds that included young people both in and out of the neighborhood
  4. always a potluck, sitting all together and trading of recipes
  5. a Halloween box maze
  6. rented and shared the cost of a jumping balloon house
  7. the artists of block are planning to have a house to house showing of art
  8. a costume bike parade
  9. a giant water fight
  10. sitting around a fire and chatting

From Jennifer

I've never led block club efforts, but did have a neighbor who hosted a few National Night Out potlucks a few years back. Prior to the potluck she created a one-page "plat map" of our block and some adjacent streets, and went door to door to collect names and phone numbers of homeowners. I put it in a three-ring binder with tabs for scout and soccer team rosters, school directories, etc. Over the years it proved very helpful when I occasionally needed to get in touch with a neighbor.



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