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Add photo to forum About tab


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The web editor on our About information tab on our information pages is quite basic (and other pages you can edit like your forum's charter).

You have two options:

1. Join our Files online group.

2. Upload small image you plan to use from web view. Make a normal post with some description of the image in the Subject and message body. Choose the photo file on your computer and then complete your post.

3. Visit the completed post. Copy the direct URL of the thumbnail of your uploaded image (or the source image if it is small enough design wise). The direct URL should end in ".jpg".

4. Go to your forum's home page.

5. To edit your Forum's About tab, look for the yellow box at the bottom of the tab, "As a group administrator you can change this About Tab." Click the change link.

6. Then click the image icon in the web editor. Paste the URL of the image into the editor, then add "Alt" text for the sight impaired and others.

Also, if you find a Creative Commons image where reuse is allowed on Flickr or some other source, you can link to the image on a remote site. You should credit the author at the bottom of your About tab. We do prefer that images be delivered from our site if possible.


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