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* [[35W pictures]]
* [[35W pictures]]
* [ Geotagged Photos at Flickr - (none yet, 8:47 PM Aug 1, 2007)]
* [ Geotagged Photos at Flickr - (none yet, 8:47 PM Aug 1, 2007)]
* [ WCCO TV Slideshow]

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This is a page to share information about the 35W bridge collapse in Minneapolis.

You may contribute/edit text and links or upload images and files.

For discussion, including sharing opinions, please join and use the Minneapolis Issues Forum.


At 9:10 PM Mayor Rybak reported 6 confirmed dead. All known survivors have been removed from the bridge. All construction workers that were working on the bridge have been accounted for, except one(?).


Upload them to Flickr and tag them "mpls35W".


Upload them to YouTube and tag them "mpls35W".


Government Documents


Help Editing

If you witnessed or were part of the disaster you may add a page with your personal story. Use a name like "35W Tom Smith story".

This site works just like Wikipedia - see their help on how to edit a page. You can create a page by simply typing something like - - note the underscores "_" instead of spaces. (Note when you edit a page, it suggests an error on the top line. Just ignore that and type in the "captcha" and press return to confirm you edit.


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