Deprecated: Function get_magic_quotes_gpc() is deprecated in /home/customer/www/ on line 37 - User contributions [en] 2023-03-26T02:20:53Z User contributions MediaWiki 1.26.2 Charter Worksheet 0006 2008-10-28T01:31:49Z <p> /* Purpose of the Forum - Short */</p> <hr /> <div>{{Launch}}<br /> __NOTOC__<br /> <br /> ==Generic Charter Worksheet==<br /> <br /> * [[Charter Worksheets]]<br /> <br /> <br /> ===Top Level Intro Paragraph for Group Home Page===<br /> <br /> ''Each group home page starts with:''<br /> <br /> Welcome to the Powderhorn Neighbors Issues Forum! <br /> <br /> This forum is for the discussion of issues related to the Powderhorn Park Neighborhood in Minneapolis and events in or near the Powderhorn Park Neighborhood. The goal of this forum is to give everyone a greater voice in decisions that affect the community, and help encourage more input into solutions to area problems. This forum promotes civility through the required use of real names.<br /> <br /> ===Purpose of the Forum - Short===<br /> <br /> '''Complete the following statement:''' The purpose of the {Your Community} Issues Forum is:<br /> <br /> * ''(Your answer here)''<br /> <br /> <br /> Wouldn't it be the same as the intro paragraph?<br /> <br /> ===Intro Paragraph to Charter - Longer Purpose/Welcome Statement===<br /> <br /> ''Repeat the purpose/scope text from your Intro Paragraph for your Group Home Page for your full official &quot;charter.&quot; Your charter is meant to be relatively stable and is your governing document that is attached to E-Democracy.Org's universal rules.''<br /> <br /> * ''(Your answer here)''<br /> <br /> <br /> ===Goals===<br /> <br /> '''The Goals of {Your Community} Issues Forum are:'''<br /> <br /> * ''(Insert Goal #1)''<br /> * ''(Insert Goal #2)''<br /> * ''(Insert Goal #3)''<br /> * ''(Add or subtract the number of goals as you see fit)''<br /> <br /> ===Typical Topics===<br /> <br /> '''Topics that you might find here to discuss include:'''<br /> <br /> * ''(Insert Typical Topic #1)''<br /> * ''(Insert Typical Topic #2)''<br /> * ''(Insert Typical Topic #3)''<br /> * ''(Insert Typical Topic #4)''<br /> * ''(Add or subtract the number of Typical Topic as you see fit)''<br /> <br /> ===Rules===<br /> <br /> The full text of rules governing E-Democracy.Org forums can be found here: However, your groups should pick out a few rules that you would like to highlight on your charter page.<br /> <br /> '''Highlighted Rules:'''<br /> <br /> * ''(Insert Highlighted Rule #1)''<br /> * ''(Insert Highlighted Rule #2)''<br /> * ''(Insert Highlighted Rule #3)''<br /> * ''(Add or subtract the number of Typical Topic as you see fit)''<br /> <br /> ===Who Runs This Forum===<br /> <br /> Please, use this section to insert a short description of your steering committee, including references to any organizations that are playing a leading role in organizing the forum.<br /> <br /> * ''(Your description here)''</div>