Deprecated: Function get_magic_quotes_gpc() is deprecated in /home/customer/www/ on line 37 - User contributions [en] 2023-01-29T04:58:21Z User contributions MediaWiki 1.26.2 Charter Worksheet 0005 2009-09-22T16:18:30Z <p> /* Rules */</p> <hr /> <div>{{Launch}}<br /> __NOTOC__<br /> <br /> ==Generic Charter Worksheet==<br /> <br /> * [[Charter Worksheets]]<br /> <br /> ===Purpose of the Forum===<br /> <br /> '''Complete the following statement:''' The purpose of the Greater Chicagoland Issues Forum is:<br /> <br /> * ''to enhance constructive communication and build collaboration between neighborhood residents, elected city officials, and other interested parties, to build stronger communities in the Chicago area''<br /> <br /> ===Goals===<br /> <br /> '''The Goals of Greater Chicago Issues Forum are:'''<br /> <br /> * ''Provide an open forum for all Chicago neighborhood residents to discuss key issues and share information''<br /> * ''Enhance elected leaders' ability to interact with residents in order to facilitate delivery of services''<br /> * ''Enable access to unique online and offline resources to assist residents and legislators in collaborating towards building stronger Chicago neighborhoods''<br /> * ''(Insert Goal #4)''<br /> * ''(Add or subtract the number of goals as you see fit)''<br /> <br /> ===Typical Topics===<br /> <br /> '''Topics that you might find here to discuss include:'''<br /> <br /> * ''(Insert Typical Topic #1)''<br /> * ''(Insert Typical Topic #2)''<br /> * ''(Insert Typical Topic #3)''<br /> * ''(Insert Typical Topic #4)''<br /> * ''(Add or subtract the number of Typical Topic as you see fit)''<br /> <br /> ===Rules===<br /> <br /> The full text of rules governing E-Democracy.Org forums can be found here: However, your groups should pick out a few rules that you would like to highlight on your charter page.<br /> <br /> '''Highlighted Rules:'''<br /> <br /> * ''Anyone of any political affiliation may join, but our conversations are non-partisan''<br /> * ''We have a &quot;Good Neighbor&quot; policy - we act and treat each other as good neighbors''<br /> * ''Encorsement of specific candidates during elections is not allowed in this forum''<br /> * &quot;Sign each post with your full name and your neighborhood&quot;<br /> * ''(Add or subtract the number of Typical Topic as you see fit)''<br /> <br /> ===Who Runs This Forum===<br /> <br /> Please, use this section to insert a short description of your steering committee, including references to any organizations that are playing a leading role in organizing the forum.<br /> <br /> * ''(Your description here)''</div>