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Ward 13


Betsey Hodges

Fiscal Responsibility-- city should pay off its inherited debt, and must restore funding for public education

Urban Development-- must work with small businesses and homeowners, must find good job opportunities for young people, support early childhood and youth programs

  • Transit-- expansion of LTR, bus rapid transit, and Northstar rail line, and also expand bike paths

Environment-- efficient streetlights, upgrading city car fleet, continue recycling program, and limit environmental impact of city projects, also expand bike paths

Public Safety-- foster strong neighborhood relations to stop crime

Lisa McDonald

Fiscal Policy-- oppose large subsidies for developments, and committed to holding tax levies below 8%, also hold down property taxes

Public Safety-- hire more police officers

Environment-- advocate of LTR, supports planting more trees and gardens, and supports finding cleaner fuels for city car fleet

  • Airport-- voted to increase home insulation, restrict night time flights, and distribute traffic away from South Minneapolis, but not against expansion

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