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Ward 10


Scott Persons

Urban Development-- ensure housing remains affordable and secure, and there is right mix between small business and residential

  • NRP-- supports it, wants to find permanent source of funding for neighborhood organizations

Public Safety-- put more police on streets

  • Youth-- devote more resources to after school activities, libraries, community centers


  • Transit-- expand LTR to University of Minnesota, Uptown, and St. Paul, must enhance bike lanes in addition to expanding mass transit system, and also preserve urban canopy and promote green roof technology

Ralph Remington

Urban Development-- promote mixed-use communities, increase communication between developers and city, and create master plan for development of Uptown

  • Housing-- ensure homes for low income citizens

Public Safety-- full staffing of firefighters and police officers, address root cause of crime being the lack of economic opportunities

Environment-- continue with new Urbanism and ensure walk ways and implement stringent green purchasing guidelines

  • Transit-- create new light rail hub at Midtown Greenway

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