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Ward 1


Erik Johnson


  • proposes one police patrol per neighborhood, 24 hrs day at the minimum

Urban Development

  • Neighborhood blight-- inspections to eliminate slum lords, increase in police force will help eliminate graffiti
  • Assist businesses-- infusion of private money, add trees and petition for safety lighting
  • Renovate railroad bridges

Paul Ostrow

Urban Development--

  • Transit-- supports the LTR connection with St. Paul and the Northstar Commuter Rail Project and proposes bike trail improvements, as well as adding hybrid cars to the city
  • Water Quality-- monitor water quality and continue implemented policy including stewardship grants, a new river green initiative, capital projects, and educational efforts
  • Airport-- must have further reviews for airport expansion including effect of air and noise pollution
  • Housing-- aggressive pursuit of landlords who fail to maintain properties and supports housing for those in need who want to assist community

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