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User:Tim Erickson

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Tim Erickson

I am in charge of Issues Forum development for E-Democracy.Org. I've been a volunteer with E-Democracy.Org for about 7 years, during which time I've:

  • Coordinated the 2006 E-Democracy.Org E-Debate for US Senate
  • Was Forum Manager of the St. Paul Issues Forum for 4 years
  • Coordinated the launch of the Brighton & Hove and Newham Issues Forum, in the UK.
  • Coordinated the launch of the Roseville Issues Forum, and served as temporary forum manager for the first 9 months.

I've been involved in facilitating online public policy discussion since 1998, when I founded http://politalk.com (I recently sold the domain name). I'm in the process of launching a personal blog at http://politalk.org

Other activities:


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