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Tools for transparency

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Along side the Minnesota Civic Hackathon on Dec. 12, the Other Future of News event will be going all day.

Steven Clift will be sharing five minutes with this online media-oriented gathering on "tools for transparency." He has a 60 slide presentation on How the Internet Can Support Government Transparency and Citizen Engagement Presentation from last year available as well. The plan is to present great examples of newer online tools useful in reporting tied to government transparency and political engagement as well as notable media and other online efforts using raw government data in interesting ways. We are interested in local, state, and some national examples. Operational sites only.


Transparency Tools for Reporting

Example sites that one might want everywhere. Note the emerging trend of online services that generate new information/shared experiences that promotes government accountability, transparency, better service, etc.

Government Data Reused - Local Examples

Government Data Reused - State Examples

Related: Minnesota public data sets

Government Data Reused - National Examples

Related: Sunlight Foundation's meta-list of the Third party websites using government data

Submitted Sites To Review


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