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What good is online engagement if it simply helps those communities that need the least relative help while completely passing over those diverse/lower income areas that could benefit the most?


I worry a bit about 'tone.' It isn't an either/or -- but a do it all situation.

There are plenty of reasons to help and push the envelope in areas where advancements have already happened. Sure, we don't want the rich to always get richer. But, we do need to make advancements too. For example, the performance race car team makes discoveries that help the clunkers with tires, oil, safety, etc. Space travel is another area where many inventions were needed and developed -- and in turn -- they helped the economy and lifestyle of others in due time. Take TANG for instance. Gador-Aide too, as it came from Florida football team's hydration needs.

Rauterkus 20:14, 24 June 2010 (UTC)


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