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State Integrity Investigation, discovering corruption risk in state government; a partnership between citizens, PRI, iWatch News ,and Global Integrity -

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State Integrity Investigation, discovering corruption risk in state government; a partnership between citizens, PRI, iWatch News ,and Global Integrity


PRI, Public Radio International, The Center for Public Integrity and Global Integrity have partnered in an investigation to measure, rank and report on the risk for corruption in each US State. We are working to harness and combine the power of technology, journalism, citizens, and comprehensive data to produce corruption risk report cards for all 50 states.

The data gather process is nearly complete and the journalists working in each state are having their work reviewed for criteria requirements and quality assurance before the release of the data for broader public review, discussion and sharing. We expect the report cards will be available as early as mid-March, 2012.

We are currently contacting NGO's to review and use the data to support their projects and share with their networks. We are also building a Social Media community and network comprised of engaged citizens, journalists, the media and political officials. We are asking all partners and citizens invested in their state government to sign-up to email their state report cards with their communities and with officials when they are available. The end-goal is to put data in the hands of people and policy makers and to promote reform.

'Current Statuses

The Data 14 categories of government in each state have been investigated for corruption risk 330+/- corruption risk indicators per each of the 14 categories have been recorded according to investigation findings for each state

Status of Data Gather Process In peer review

Next Steps Release Data Publicly Release State Report Cards

Project Outreach The success of this project will rely heavily on outreach, adoption of the purpose and further participation.

Who's Helping NGO's Academics Thought leaders in Tech and Government 2.0 All Media Concerned Citizens and Activists in Every State

Tech Partners Throughout the data gather, review, reporting and public sharing phases, the project will rely heavily on technology to meet the needs of several different users of the data. Web Platform, UX, Measurement and iterative practice will continue to be paramount in achieving the level of sharing, and citizen empowerment through data that is at the heart of the Investigation.

NationBuilder: Campaign-building-focused web platform with great solutions for building and communicating with a community online.

Oppidan Media: Custom web solutions and design

Vote Smart: The Voter's Self-Defense System Volunteer-operated. Takes no money from special interests groups. Committed to providing people with the most relevant, unbiased information on over 40,000 candidates and officials.

"'Media Coverage'" The following are a collection of links to articles about the State Corruption Investigation, and links to the press releases announcing the investigation through our partner organizations and funders. Please visit the Contact Us page with media inquiries.

Media Articles

A perpetual motion machine for investigative reporting: CPI and PRI partner on state corruption project by Justin Ellis Nieman Journalism Lab, March 8, 2011

What do statehouses, city halls do about corruption? (Editorially independent service of American University’s School of Communication) by Steve Behrens, February 22, 2011

State Accountability Project Receives $1.5 Million in Grants Philanthropy News Digest, February 24, 2011

CPI seeks reporters for state government corruption probe Poynter by Jim Romenesko ,February 17, 2011

Smart Talk: Muckrakers wanted Arkansas Times, February 23, 2011

CPI Hiring Reporters for State Government Project Investigative News Network, January 11, 2011

News Organizations Team With Anti-Corruption Group To Form US State Metrics Wall Street Journal’s Corruption Currents blog by Samuel Rubenfeld, November 10, 2010

Corruption? It’s practically a state hallmark Philadelphia Daily News by John Baer, February 21, 2011

Probably can’t bribe your way down this list Asbury Park Press by Michael Symons, February 17, 2011

Is Harrisburg sleazier than Little Rock? NewsWorks (home of WHYY News Philly) by Dave Davies, February 17, 2011

Kill ‘em with Transparency The National Institute of Money in State Politics, March 17,2011

A Message from DR Co-founder Tim Potts Rock the Capital, July 10, 2011

50-state project to measure corruption risks California Forward, May 4, 2011

U.S. fifty state corruption risk index: a way for greater influence in investigative reporting? by Ashley Stepanek, March 9, 2011

Politics in US: state government corruption to be monitored by international media Tracy Lynn Cook, February 19, 2011

Press Releases

Center for Public Integrity

Public Radio International

Rita Allen Foundation

Omidyar Network

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