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Schools and social media

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These are a collection of links sent to or discovered by Steven Clift, E-Democracy.org Executive Director, as he prepared for webinar presentation to the National Schools Public Relations Association on using social media to engage the broader community.

The slides and a video screencast of my 40 minute practice run (I had to take out some slides after to shorten it) are available.

Discovered Links

  • http://www.delicious.com/dowire/edtech - Stuff I've found including:
    • Thinking Machine / Think Social Media Guidelines
    • Digizen - Home
    • HSTE Project - Digital Citizenship
    • The Case For Social Media in Schools
    • Social Media Guidelines for Schools - Powerful Ingredients for Blended Learning
    • Edudemic » The Must-Have Guide To Implementing Social Media In Schools
    • New Hampton School - Social Media Reading List

Related Resources

  • Information on the Child Internet Protection Act - Per the webinar question, I am not sure how CIPA would apply to Facebook Pages hosted by schools, but the act would seem to give you full justification to remove any of the content you are required by law to protect children from on the Facebook Pages you control.

Links Sent In








Blogs St. Cloud, MN School Board member, http://jvonkorff.blogspot.com/ Chicago parent advocate, http://pureparents.org/ who is one of the founders of Parents Across America, new national group at http://parentsacrossamerica.org/ (looks to me like they're using wordpress) on facebook, http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=123352677681840 twitter http://www.twitter.com/ParentsAcrossAm/

Parents United has a facebook page, 445 members; at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Parents-United-for-Public-Schools/139921206266 and uses Twitter, http://twitter.com/marycecconi

Here's a list of all state and community-based (discovered) parent citizen education groups in MN (not school-based) http://www.parentsunited.org/Organizations.html

e.g., MN PTA has a facebook group, 41 members http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=48126927210

School levy sites; I didn't think about this yesterday, but buried in the levy archive at http://www.parentsunited.org/LevyArchive.html are links to the community sites/facebook groups for local levys (when found) many get taken down after the levy is over;


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