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Red River Flood


This is a page for you - meaning everyone - to quickly share links to information and user-generated content about the Red River Flood of 2009. Note the 35W page as a model.

To edit, simply press "edit" and follow the simple format of links that you see.

Real-Time - Twitter, Radio



Major, Government Sites


  • FirstLink - "Call: 701.476.4000 from 8am-8pm Central for current info and with questions or receive flood volunteer updates from FirstLink via text: Text the keyword "fmflood" to 406-880-2406 to receive updates on your phone. (Standard text messaging rates may apply)

Online Groups

News, Media Sites


This page will be used by the media to add content to their own dedicated sections since for competitive reasons they never seem willing to link to each other. So adding resources here will quickly make them visible more broadly.


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