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Questions about TIF


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The main Citizens Guide to St. Paul page about TIF.

Questions About TIF

In General and Specific To St. Paul

Please feel free to add questions to the list or respond to questions that others have asked. Please, keep answers as short as possible (or we might edit your answer to make it shorter). If you write an answer, please provide sources (if possible) or identify yourself as the author.

Question: Is there a public source of information about TIF projects in St. Paul? A list of recent and proposed TIF projects?

  • Insert short answer here.

Question: Why should the public use TIF money to clean-up a mess made by a private individual or corporation?

  • In theory, we shouldn't use TIF money to clean up a site if it is possible to get the polluter or the owner to clean-up / prepare the site themselves. However, this is not always an option. If the original owner or polluter has gone out of business or legally divested themselves or responsiblity, it might sometimes fall upon the city to bring the site back to conditions which make it suitable for development.
  • If you have a different answer, insert it here.

Question: Are there some fairly clear examples of GOOD TIF projects that have even made TIF 'critics' happy (or at least complacent)?

  • Insert short answer here.

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