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Policy concerning legal threats

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Adopted by the E-Democracy.org Board January 2010. For further context, see our Rules.

Policy Concerning Legal Threats

All registered participants agree that they will not threaten nor sue E-Democracy.Org (including its volunteers, staff, contractors, or Board members) for content written by others on the online network we host. Participants agree that notice of a potential libel suit against E-Democracy.Org must contain the signature and full address and telephone number of the person alleging libel. Non-participants are requested to provide the same notice. The author of the alleged libelous post(s) may have their posts moderated by a Board designee (not the local Forum Manager) until such time that the legal dispute is resolved.

Anyone threatening to sue or take legal action against E-Democracy.Org (or our staff, contractors, Board members or volunteers) may not participate in any E-Democracy.org forums or activities until such time that the legal dispute is resolved and the threat of legal action against E-Democracy.Org (and its representatives) is removed in writing with signature.


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