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Podcasting handout


How do I podcast?

I suggest using the How to Podcast Tutorial

Other tutorials I have found include:

Also, here is a helpful glossary.

Plan Your Show Ahead of Time

General Planning

  • Topic: anything you want
  • Format: each episode should follow roughly the same format, so plan this out ahead of time.
  • Episode length
  • Frequency of new shows
  • Size: knowing the format, length and frequency of your show will enable you to estimate what kind of hosting you'll need.

Planning For Each Episode

  • Plan what you're going to say (outline or script)
  • Decide ahead of time how much editing you want to do


  • Computer
  • Either a separate audio recorder or a Mic for the computer (many laptops and Macs have mics built-in).


  • Audio recorder/editor: Audacity
  • MP3 Encoder: LAME (may also be possible in iTunes)
  • Media Player: Windows Media Player or iTunes

Determine your storage and hosting needs

  • Using the per-minute file size from this chart, estimate the average size of your podcasts.
  • Multiply this number by the number of podcasts you want to store online to get the total storage space you need.
  • Multiply the average file size of your podcasts by the number of people you think will listen to each episode and the number of episodes you plan to release per month. This will give you your bandwidth needs.

Record, Edit and Save Your Podcast

  • Audacity Tutorial for Podcasters
  • Using Audacity and LAME, record your podcast and save it as an MP3 file.
  • Set the bitrate (see chart for recommended settings). This will change the size of the file.
  • Be sure to set the ID3 tags. When you open an MP3 in Windows Media Player or iTunes and it comes with information such as Artist, Title and Track Number, this information has been saved in the file's ID3 tags. A discription of this process for Audacity can be found here

Publish Your Podcast

What you need:

  • Web Hosting
  • Blog
  • RSS Feed
  • Blog
    • This is where you will post the announcement for each new episode, along with notes and the feed itself
    • Most free blogs should work, including Blogger.
  • RSS Feed
    • This will enable people to subscribe to the podcast
    • Feedburner can be used for this.
    • using Blogger and Feedburner together, you can format your blog to include a link to your feed in the sidebar.



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