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On October 2, 2008, local E-Democracy.Org volunteer leaders and participants from Bristol, Brighton and Hove, Oxford, and Newham along with e-democracy/community empowerment/social media experts from around the UK will be gathering at Oxford Town Hall. We hope to gather 15-20 people for a highly interactive and dynamic exchange. Steven Clift the founder and leader of E-Democracy.Org who is based in Minnesota will be leading the first two sessions.

Also note the informal pub gathering the evening before on Oct. 1 @ 19:00 in Headington.

The draft Oct. 2nd agenda - you may RSVP for those parts you plan to attend below.

  • 2. - 10:30 - 12:00 - E-Democracy.Org UK - Input and Ideas for Citizen-based Local Issues Forums and E-Democracy in the UK - Plotting our future
    • A. Introductions
      • Describe your Issues Forum and mention some recent topics
      • If non-IF, mention your interests/activities with e-democracy
    • B. What is your dream or goal for local/neighbourhood e-democracy? What is working now?
    • C. What is NOT working? Where do you need help?
    • D. How can we generate help and build a foundation to help you reach your goals?
    • E. Identifying priorities for action, follow-up
  • 3. - 12:30 - 14:00 - Free Lunch Discussion: Future of Local E-Democracy for Online Community Empowerment - An open and broad discussion post-ICELE on what should or could happen next in the UK to foster greater local public participation and community engagement using the Internet in councils, media, and the community and voluntary sector.
  • 4. - 14:00 - Part 2 - Discussion: Future of Local E-Democracy for Online Community Empowerment - Informal continuation at a local pub

RSVP for One or All Sessions - By pressing edit on the right

To RSVP you must e-mail - - with your full contact details, sessions you plan to join, and please add yourself to the public "wiki" list here so people know who is coming and so you can potentially coordinate travel. If you are interested in the final topic, please note that in your e-mail.

# Name, Issues Forum/Organisation, Sessions by number or all

  1. Steven Clift, Minneapolis, E-Democracy.Org - All sessions
  2. Shane McCracken, BoA, Gallomanor - 2,3,4 - running late Contact:
  3. Kaihsu Tai, resident of Oxford: will try hard to attend lunch and the pub session the previous evening. Alas, in the end I have to send my apologies.
  4. Dan Jellinek, Headstar/ and Hove Issues Forum: hopefully all sessions.
  5. Steve Pearse, Bristol, Brislington Community Partnership/Brislington Neighbourhood Forum
  6. Stephanie Jenkins, Headington & Marston Neighbourhood Forum, probably just the morning
  7. Nicholas Newman, Oxford Prospect Magazine,, only the Headington sessions depending on work pressures.
  8. Adrian Norman, CCEG & Newham Forum, sessions 2, 3 and 4 day if day trip from Taunton is possible by rail
  9. Cllr Olive McIntosh-Stedman, Oxford, first session
  10. Cllr Mary Reid, Kingston upon Thames - sessions 2,3 and 4
  11. Dave Briggs, Kettering, DavePress, 2 onwards
  12. Julia Glidden, 21c Consultancy Ltd, London, Session 2 onwards

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