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Official Warning


Here is a sample "Official Warning" used by Michelle Fure, former forum manager of the St. Paul Issues Forum.

Dear _________:

Please consider this note an OFFICIAL WARNING for breaking the rules that govern the XXXXXXXXXXX Issues Forum. Italic text On Sunday, May 21, you broke the following XXXXXX Issues Forum rules:

4 -- Be Civil - No insults, name calling or inflamed speech. Personal one-on-one arguments, disagreements or personality conflicts are not appropriate on the public discussion forum. 7 -- Avoid False Rumors - Rumors of a personal nature are not allowed.

These rules were broken in the posts titled: "Subject Line from Post"

FORUM MANAGER'S NOTE: (--Include personal note from forum manager offering feedback on rules violation and suggestions about how to avoid future violations of a similar nature. --)

This message constitutes your second warning. Your warnings shall remain in effect until DATE (one year from today's date). As a result of this notification, you will not be allowed to post for two weeks. You MAY NOT appeal these warnings at this time. If you attempt to post, you should get a message saying your post was moderated because of these warnings.

Rules regarding warnings:

A. First Warning - The first official warning is recorded. The member is not suspended. Each warning expires after one full year. The member should consider themselves on probation.

B. Second Warning - The second official warning results in immediate suspension from that specific forum for two weeks. Another two week suspension may be granted should the initial first warning expire before their third rule violation.

C. The first two warnings may not be appealed at this time. They may only be appealed on their merits if a third warning is given within one year of the first warning.

D. Third Warning - A third warning within a year of the first two warnings results in an immediate suspension for six months from the specific forum.

If you have any questions, please contact me.

Please note, it is against the forum rules to post complaints about forum management or forum rules in the XXXXXXXX Issues Forum.

- Name
- Forum Manager (title)


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