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New GroupServer feature list


This is a list of newly released GroupServer features and customizations used at

This list is designed to assist our technical support team and forum managers in using and explaining these features.

Insert Subscribe Box for a Forum

You may now insert a subscribe box to start the subscription process from an external web site.

The HTML code to use is available on pages like this - replace "bemmy-forum" with the listname of the desired group.

Example instructions:

Web Feed for Topic Searches

An ATOM feed for topic searches:

You can create your own custom feeds by:

  1. Preforming the topic-search you want.
  2. Replacing anything in the URL between the last "/" and the "?" with "search.atom"
  3. Then use the feed as needed.
  4. Examples:

To insert JavaScript in a web page using E-Democracy.Org to render the feed, edit from this code - Adjust listname@ in this case "mpls" to the group you want and the final number "10" to the number of topics you wish to display:

<script language="JavaScript" src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

If your partner site can render local feeds we recommend you do that directly. Sites using our feed processor (the JavaScript thing), should notify us.


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