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Minneapolis neighborhood forums planning text


Minneapolis E-Democracy proposes very local "Neighborhood Forums" to complement our city-wide Minneapolis Issues Forum. Key resources include:

These new forums will be about "community life" and local issues. Think an online version of the bulletin board at your favorite local coffee shop, but one you can interact with and get to know your neighbors from diverse backgrounds. Leading example neighborhood forums demonstrate these dynamic online spaces in everyday life.

How it will work:

  • Each forum's charter (purpose, scope, encouraged/disallowed content, geographic bounds/focus) will be designed by local people for their own local neighborhood.
  • Charters will build off the universal civility rules for all E-Democracy hosted forums.
  • Interested neighborhood associations and others will partner with some and others will be organized independently.

In the end, successful forums will be collaborative and launched energetically with on-the-ground outreach. While forums need at least 100 participants to open, in some places (like neighborhoods in Washington, DC such as Cleveland Park) they attract hundreds and sometime thousands of participants.

E-Democracy.Org received a Minneapolis neighborhood forums planning grant of $3000 to help us develop a full proposal in September 2006 for the 2007 funding cycle.

With 3 "digital justice" pilot forums envisioned, our priority is to connect growing local immigrant populations with active citizens online. However, with volunteer support, neighborhood forums can be started anywhere in Minneapolis with volunteer interest and active participant recruitment takes place. This model is extremely low-cost.

To get involved as an organization or as an individual, contact Steven Clift at:


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