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Minneapolis neighborhood forums 2006 start-up grant application


Minneapolis neighborhood forums

Note: Feb. 28 Update - We are not planning to submit a mini-grant. We are going to focus on funding in 2007 with the fall 2006 deadline.

Initial ideas for a mini-grant application for say $7,500 are:

  • Host a one day conference on neighborhood forums with a few select guests from other parts of the country who do this well - see example neighborhood forums ($2000)
  • Draft a neighborhood forum development guide with templates and sample charters ($2000)
  • Commission select open source GroupServer features specifically suggested/found useful (need to determine what $2500 will achieve) - might include web to e-mail forms for posting certain kinds of items/events and the ability to create automated digests of such items to keep mail volume down
  • Open one model neighborhood forum using/assisting development guide (perhaps in the Standish-Ericsson neighborhood) ($1000 for outreach and promotional materials, door knock? coordinator, assumes volunteer forum manager)

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