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Issues Forums for organizations

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Participation 3.0 - Inclusive Social Media

How your organization can use Issues Forums effectively.

This handout is designed to help cultural and community organizations effectively participate in neighborhood and community-wide Issues Forums. This is part of our Ford Foundation funded Inclusive Social Media effort.

Unlike your organization's own website, Issues Forums (and similar online spaces like a Facebook "community" page or a "placeblog"), are community streams of content and interaction. Instead of having to build your own audience or e-mail announcement list at great effort, access to local residents is handily presented to you. You may use it when you need to provided what you post fits the local scope of the forum.

At the very local level, small organizations find it very difficult to maintain up-to-date websites that often have very few visitors. While we recommend a basic web "who are you" presence with your own e-mail announcement list (and/or a blog with an e-mail subscribe option) as well as a simple organization created Facebook Page, for most organizations leveraging the community stream we've design for sharing is highly strategic.

Ready to post? Here are some tips on how participate effectively as an organization.


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