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E-Democracy.org is hosting the Minnesota version of the Sunlight Foundation's Great American Hackathon on Saturday, December 12th.

No matter the civic-spirited code you write or open source projects you contribute to, this will be a chance to meet other programmers in Minnesota interested in online government transparency, the reuse of government data, online civic engagement, use of technology in news, etc. Non-technical open government supporters are encouraged to join our opening introductions session from 9-10 a.m. at a minimum.

Event Resources

Event Details

Projects/Ideas to Talk/Code About

From 9-10 a.m. before the Other Future of News event starts, we will go around the room and ask people to briefly introduce themselves. Depending upon the size of the group/interest in the partner event, we will determine a schedule for deeper discussion of specific open government tools if desired.

Please projects/topics you'd like to introduce/discuss:

Because this is an "introductory" event, we hope the it will lead to future more hard core coding opportunities and gathering.

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