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This is our "working" zone for e-debates. This material may be used by others to craft their own e-debates.

E-Democracy.Org is hosting the Minnesota Gubernatorial E-Debate 2006 or online candidate debate as part of our Minnesota elections effort.

We hosted our first e-debate back in 1994 for Governor and U.S. Senate and our last was for Mayor in St. Paul in 2001. Our model was adapted for the first Presidential "rolling cyber debate" in 2000 by the Web White & Blue project. Perhaps our 2006 effort will inspire ideas for the 2008 Presidential election?

We've always loved these events, but the work involved bumped them out what you can normally expect a volunteer to do.

With support from the Blandin Foundation we will be refreshing our model with some audio and perhaps video in 2006.

We will use the wiki to gather and share our various communication templates to make it easier for others to replicate and extend our model.

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