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Ideas are powerful:

Concept Overview:

Plan and build a universal, free, open, shared and continuously updated database of government jurisdictions/entities, their websites, and over time add elected official contact information.

In the United States there are approximately 30,000 government jurisdictions. There is no official database of the geographic bounds nor basic data such as websites tied to each jurisdiction be it a city, school district, or some relatively obscure special district. Business.Gov, an effort of the Small Business Administration, recently released a non-spatial API with 8,000 or so city and county websites raising interest across many organizations in how to cover ALL government organizations.

Once collecting and maintaining a directory of all government jurisdiction web addresses and a way to find your jurisdiction by entering a street address or by using a map is addressed, then deepening data collection to elected officials and all government owned or funded websites will be explored.

This initiative is being lead by a non-profit, non-partisan consortium combining the efforts of E-Democracy.org, OpenPlans.org and the Sunlight Foundation. A consortium approach is envisioned to involve governments, inter-governmental associations, non-profits, media, online search, and other businesses interested in a sustainable model for gathering and maintaining data for the widest distributed use in the public interest.

This joint effort was launched based on discussions on the CityCamp Exchange and a session at Transparency Camp 2010 (turn audio way up).


Case Studies

Open Source Precedents


See also DemocracyMap Data

Data Standards


Government Offices



System Architecture

Base Data:

Listing sources of data.


(this appears to be the source data - 2002 & 2007 Data) http://www2.census.gov/govs/gid/

Mapping Location to Entities

Municipalities & Townships:

Cartographic Boundary Files http://www.census.gov/geo/www/cob/pl2000.html

Key Data About Places

Connecting Government Jurisdictions/Entities to Websites

Core Fields

What are the core fields of data to compile/crowd-source?

Additional Fields
Proposed Officials Fields

Preliminary fields related to elective bodies - information that will assist future incorporation of elected official information:

This section needs work! Municipalities:

School District:


Special District

Chamber of Commerce

Economic Development Corporation

Proposed Staff/Quasi-Govt. Head Fields :

Agency Heads



Potential Partners and Collaborators

In the loop so far:

Might be interested:

Case Studies


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