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Chicago gathering

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Chicago Post-CityCamp/E-Democracy Issues Forums Gathering

  • Tuesday, February 16
  • 12 - 12:45 - Brown Bag Lunch - Chicago after CityCamp Discussion
  • 12:45 - 1:30 - E-Democracy.org: A Socially Inclusive Neighbors Online Forum for Chicago?, Chicago Region Issues Forum
  • @ Webitects.com, 11 East Adams, Suite 900, Chicago, IL 60603
  • RSVP - We have space for around 20, so please RSVP Yes/Maybe below via this wiki. You may also e-mail: team@e-democracy.org

Thank you to Webitects for offering their conference room.

Thank you to OpenGovernment Chicago Google Group for their interest and the local Chicago E-Democracy volunteer team for their interest. Exchange related to CityCamp is available.

Steven Clift, with E-Democracy.org's four main goals are:

1. Say hello to some of the awesome folks from Chicago at CityCamp and listen to your own post-event exchange.

2. Gather some input from your general conversations for our "Participation 3.0" work - http://e-democracy.org/p3 - I am extremely interested in what open gov/civic engagement online ideas/needs have the _highest priority_ to folks. Meaning what must be universal.

3. Identify interest in a "neighborhood" level Issues Forum in a higher immigrant/diverse and lower income area in the near or long-term in Chicago. We are just launching the next phase of this work in Minneapolis and St. Paul - http://pages.e-democracy.org/Inclusive_Social_Media - and having learned about some of the existing Smart Communities and community portal efforts in Chicago, there may be a huge opportunity to work together. The fact that there are people on the ground who might sign people up in-person - http://blog.e-democracy.org/posts/639 - is the key resource that makes collaboration possible. I can start with a short presentation at 12:45.

4. Help our base of Chicago E-Democracy volunteers generate momentum for their proposed Chicago Region Issues Forums - http://e-democracy.org/chicago To actually break through with a space like we have in Minneapolis with lots of participants - http://e-democracy.org/mpls - is a serious undertaking. Chicago is huge. So getting in the field in the center of your politics, requires extensive outreach.


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